Welcome to Pointools View 1.6 Pro
System Requirements
What's New in View 1.6
Getting Support
Keeping Up-to-Date

System Requirements
The following is the minimum requirement to run View 1.6 Pro. If your system does not meet these requirements View 1.6 Pro may not run correctly and cannot be fully supported.
* Windows NT SP 6 (not supported), Windows 2000 or Windows XP
* Intel Pentium 4 800Mhz or equivelant 64bit AMD configuration or better
* Minimum 512Mb RAM
* 32Mb Video Card with latest drivers
* 20Mb Hard drive space for program files
* Minimum 800x600 screen resolution with 16bit+ colour support
* Recommended 10Gb+ hard drive space for data
* Minimum 800x600 screen resolution with 16bit+ colour support
* 3 Button mouse higly recommended

Graphics Card
Point Lighting and Clipping features require support for the OpenGL ARB Vertex Shader in your graphics card. This is a commonly available extension in most graphics cards but may require a driver update to enable it.

In order to access the latest features and performance enhancements of your graphics card please use the most up-to-date drivers. These can usually be downloaded from the vendor's website.

Pointools View does not require administrator rights to run, however you must have administrator rights to install the application.

Upgrading from 1.5
If you have an existing licensed View 1.5 installation you will need to deactivate the license before installing 1.6. This is due to a change in the licensing system in version 1.6 and above. As a licensed user you should have received an email explaining the process and providing a link to the deactivation program. If you do not have this available please contact licensing@pointools.com stating you require instructions for deactivation of version 1.5.

Once you have run the deactivation program please provide the deactivation code to licensing@pointools.com. You will then be issued a new activation code for 1.6.

Any existing 1.5 installations should be uninstalled before installing version 1.6.

By Internet Download
Simply double-click on the downloaded package and follow the installation instructions. If you intend to run more than one edition of View on your machine, be sure to install to different folders

Insert the CD into your CD (or DVD) drive. A menu should start automatically. Select the installation option to proceed and follow the installation instructions.

If the menu does not start automatically choose Run from the Windows Start Menu and type d:\ptlaunch.html (where d is your CD_ROM drive letter), and click OK.

What's New in View 1.6
The following is a summary of new features since Pointools View 1.5x
* Improved DXF support and added DWG support
* Better handling of cloud intensity values from different sources
* Intensity control now uses Brightness and Contrast rather than Black and White points
* 'Check for updates via web' feature
* Improved project file (ptl) stability
* Export notes as html or text file
* Improved interface
* Easier installation on multiple user systems

Getting Support
If you have trouble running Pointools View or with a particular feature you can
* Check the troubleshooting section of this guide
* Check the Support Faq on our website at: www.pointools.com/support_faq.php
* Check the Support Forum for posts about similar problems at www.pointools.com/support_forum.php
* Send us a support query from our website at www.pointools.com/support.php
* Contact us directly at support@pointools.com. We prefer to be contacted via the support form as is helps keep track of support queries and will generally result is a quicker response
The Support section of our website also has the most up-to-date version of this User Guide in pdf and online HTML formats as well as a host of other useful information.

Keeping Up-to-Date
We recommend you keep your version of View up-to-date by downloading the latest patches and updates from our website. We listen to what our users say about using our software and release regular updates and fixes so you don't have to wait for a major release to get an enhancement or a fix.

To check for updates please go to the Help / Check for Updates in the main menu. This will check our website and advise you of any updates that are available for your Pointools installation.

To ensure you receive update messages about the latest releases and patches log onto your account on our website and put yourself on the mailing list.

Upgrading from 1.5
Please check the chapter on Installation for information on upgrading a 1.5 license to 1.6.

Pointools View can be used in evaluation mode for up to 21 days. On start-up of the application a counter indicates the number of days remaining. During this period you can click on the evaluation button to evaluate the software. Once this period has come to an end you will no longer have an evaluate option. To continue using the product please purchase a license from one of our resellers.

Activating the Permanent License
To activate your license for unlimited use:
1.Purchase a license from one of our resellers (see www.pointools.com/resellers.php)
2.Click on the Activate button of the Licensing dialog on startup. This opens the activation box.
3.Give the reseller the Authorisation Request Code exactly as it appears in the box.
4.The reseller will return an Activation Code. Enter this into the Activation Code box and click OK.
5.Your installation of Pointools View will now be licensed for unlimited use.
Note that the activation code is linked to your machine so please consider the machine you are activating the software on carefully.